My name is Emily Samuel and I’ve been training for the past 8 years, 7 of which have been with celebrities in NYC and Los Angeles. I now live in Austin Texas as an entrepreneur and master trainer.


Fit-Kit story: One of my model clients came up to me and told me she leaving for an important trip and needed me to give her workouts while she was gone- so I went home, packed up my personal bands, gliders and a Jumprope, put it into a tote bag and gave it to her the next day along with hand-written workouts!

She loved the kit and workouts so much, she decided to post about it on her IG .. and it took off. All of her models friends wanted a fitness kit! So I immediately called a supplier and had some cute branded ones made! Then those models posted about it and I eventually had a wild demand for fitness kits! I realized I wasn’t re-inventing the wheel, but just bridging a clear gap for the health conscious traveler!

I then took an entire year to create the perfect fitness app to go along with these fitness kits. The best part of the app, is that you can do ANY kind of workouts.. high intensity, low intensity, Pilates, yoga. Sound bath meditation, etc! This app includes hundreds of different expert trainers as well as thousands of different workouts so you can never get bored!

I truly hope you love these fitness kits as much as my clients and last purchasers have. I have found that they’re also the perfect gift to give to a fit-friend!! It’s just as useful for the gym-goer than the at-home workout client!