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#1 Trainer in NYC

The Insider's Guide to Manhattan Living, 2017


Go Fit Yourself.


Fitness is Emily's life and passion. She puts her clients first and makes sure they always walk away feeling happy and successful with each training session. No matter what age, level of fitness, goal, or gender, Emily pushes her clients to visualize and produce the results they are trying to achieve.

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Go Fuel Yourself.


What you put in your body matters! Try some of the recipes that Emily follows for her pre and post workouts. Easy and quick to make, you can always make sure that you are fueling your body properly with these fun and delicious treats.


“Best Workout Ever!” This little phrase comes into my mind every day. Why? Because of Emily Samuel. I got lucky enough to personally train with Emily over the summer. She was so encouraging and kind, but never failed pushed me beyond what I thought were my limits. Now, since I am back at college, she continues to send me incredible workouts that I use daily. They make me sweat like crazy and challenge me in new ways, but, at the same time, are consistently exciting and easy to follow. Best of all—I continue to get incredible results. To sum it up, every day I have the “Best Workout Ever!”

--Evonna Renade--

“Emily is an inspiration not only as a trainer but also as a person. She has a sound foundation of expertise in various forms of exercises and is able to address the needs of anyone at any stage of their workout and training journey. She is able to acutely understand a person’s level of fitness abilities and shape an exercise program around it. She has great energy and is able to motivate through coaching, compassion, and motivation. Training with Emily consistently will yield excellent results, never be boring or routine, and is a great investment in yourself and your goals.”

--Jainette Singh--
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